About us

Boldest Team

Boldest is an innovative startup revolutionizing the way travelers interact with online tourist information.

 Founded in 2020, Boldest specializes in creating premium interactive map solutions that enhance the travel experience by providing intuitive, user-friendly, and engaging digital tools. 

With a focus on leveraging cutting-edge technology, Boldest aims to empower tour operators and destination marketing organizations with dynamic and customizable mapping platforms, driving both user engagement and business growth.

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Talent, flexibility and commitment to achieve successful projects

We are a multidisciplinary and agile digital transformation team that helps our clients to grow and prosper in this New Era.

We not only create relevant digital experiences for our clients, we also foster their digital transformation, the adoption of new business models and promote a new collaborative culture. 

With a flexible structure, we mobilize the resources, skills and the necessary talent for the success of each new project.

We have the Experience and the Ambition to scale our solution that is already tested on a significant number of loyal customers.

All great journeys start with a map

We improve the Marketing and Sales of any travel product