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Show routes in a new way​

Fast, intuitive and engaging maps; visitors will spend time and time discovering what your destination has to offer. Create any thematic route in minutes! Shopping, gastronomic, cycling, MTB, hiking,...

Real interactive multimedia galleries

Visitors discover at their own pace with real time map navigation sync. Only content in the selected area or category is displayed.

Perfectly organized content​

With categories and thematic maps, the information is neatly displayed, so visitors find the information at their own pace.


Lloret de Mar
Costa Cálida
Turismo de Aragón
Visit Lancaster

The smartest way for your destination digitalization

Transform your web

Deliver a better user experience and the time spent in your site will be increased.

Share the maps in your social media​

Not only increase the CTR but also make your content more engaging and interesting.

Landings pages created in minutes​

Create and enrich new landing pages with maps. In a couple of minutes. For Digital Campaigns, QRs…

Would you like to try our maps?

We offer you the chance to navigate some of our maps for free and enjoy the Boldest experience

QR codes for maps & routes​

Add a digital layer to print media and billboards. Connect the physical and digital to improve the visitor experience.

Streamlined Categories

Effortlessly organize your content, eliminating tedious searches and endless scrolling, so visitors can quickly find what they need.

Embed in your digital screens​

Simplify the work at your information offices. Enable your staff in the digital world with a 60′ training.


Data analytics​

Data driven discovery and decisions. Connected to google analytics so you know the real data to make smarter decisions.

How does it work?

Boldest Hero
The content you already have
Texts, pictures, videos, GPS tracks, ....
Is geo-tagged
Uploaded in our system and classified by themes.
Then it's packed into maps
As many theme maps and routes as you need.
And embedded in your site and campaigns
Elevate and amplify your content so that it becomes real digital assets.

Create on your own or turnkey project

You are free to create and modify as many contents as you wish: maps, routes, resources, landing pages… A simple and intuitive map builder for you and your team.

Or get a turnkey project: we will work with your team to create the first maps… and then you may continue on your own with full autonomy.

In your mobile, like an App

Without downloads.

Just use your mobile web broswer. Your visitors will not miss anything and will find everything your destination is offering.

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