Boldest wins the Itech Tourism Acceleration Program by Startup Braga

| By Boldest

Boldest Wins the Itech Tourism Acceleration Program by Startup Braga

We are thrilled to share with you that last Tuesday, November 28, Boldest emerged as the winner of the prestigious Itech Tourism Acceleration Program organized by Startup Braga.

This achievement is not only a recognition of our hard work and dedication but also a significant milestone in our effort to revolutionize technology in the travel sector.

We decided to join the Itech Tourism program driven by a clear mission: to facilitate our entry into the Portuguese market and strengthen our position and competitiveness globally. We fully trusted that our solution could significantly improve the digital landscape of the travel industry in Portugal… and so, we ventured forth.

The proactive approach of the program, especially in organizing numerous meetings with clients on our behalf, played a crucial role in our success. The exceptional mentors and the entire Startup Braga team exceeded our expectations for this type of program. Had we tried to achieve this on our own, it undoubtedly would have taken much longer.

Twelve startups, representing eight different countries, came together during this program. The bootcamps and dinners were always moments of great engagement and fun, highlighting the importance of diversity and collaboration.

This victory marks a significant milestone for Boldest. We are committed to contributing to the ongoing development of the tourism industry in Portugal.

The win in the Itech Tourism Acceleration Program is not only a recognition of our innovation and effort but also the beginning of an exciting chapter in our mission to improve the travel industry.

With a heart full of gratitude and a mind focused on the future, I am ready to continue moving forward, taking Boldest to new horizons in the tourism sector of Portugal and beyond. This achievement is a powerful reminder of what we can accomplish when we focus on our goals and work together towards innovation and success.

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