Conquer your visitors in just a few clicks! How interactive maps streamline traveler decisions

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Cómo los mapas interactivos agilizan las decisiones del viajero

Make it possible for your potential visitors to choose your destination as quickly as possible, saving hours of browsing and online research. With our interactive maps, it’s more within reach than ever. We’ll show you how they can transform the way travelers choose their destinations and how you, as a tourist destination, can benefit from this innovative technology. Keep reading and discover how to captivate your future visitors from the very first moment.

5 hours and 141 web visits later… We finally decide on our vacation destination!

One thing that happens to almost all of us today is that we lack time. This also applies when we are thinking about where to go on vacation or for a getaway.

According to Expedia, travelers consume around 303 minutes of content in the 45 days before booking. Additionally, they visit about 141 travel websites within this same timeframe.

This statistic means that a destination has only a small window of opportunity to capture their interest, so the content must be as attractive as possible and easily consumable through interactivity. If not, they are unlikely to return to your website.

Therefore, if you, as a destination, can provide this, shorten these timeframes, and help potential tourists decide sooner, you will have achieved a truly differentiating competitive advantage. But… how to achieve this?

The key: Make them experience it from the first moment

It is a clear trend that current tourists prefer collecting experiences over acquiring products during their trip.

That’s why you should make them feel the excitement of enjoying your destination’s charms from the first time they visit your website or see a social media post.

Many destinations on their websites simply pour out large amounts of information that are difficult to assimilate and digest for a user who seeks agility and convenience when seeking information. Remember, they don’t have time!

Why Boldest’s interactive maps are the best tool to achieve this

To achieve this, nothing beats interactive maps like the ones we develop at Boldest. With them, visitors find the information they need to know at different levels, depending on how deep they want to go. This way, you provide an exploration experience that adapts to their needs and pace, without overwhelming them.

In addition to all the useful information they can find to plan their trip, we provide them with a visual experience that makes them fall in love at first sight with your landscapes, heritage, gastronomy, nature, and all the charms you offer.

With all this, and from the comfort of their sofa, they will know how to organize their vacations with the confidence that they won’t miss anything that truly interests them, including the most secret and unknown attractions to the general public.

And most importantly, they will feel an excitement that will lead them to choose your destination much sooner than with other more “traditional” marketing alternatives.

A low-cost investment with quick implementation and many benefits

It’s inevitable to think about the economic aspect of implementing these maps. Here, too, we have good news: their development involves a low cost, making it affordable for all kinds of destinations, including the smallest ones.

This way, the latter can overcome one of their biggest challenges: making a truly attractive tourist offer visible with a very limited budget.

Moreover, our technology enables the availability of these maps in just two weeks, reusing the content that the destinations already have.

This gives them a very advantageous agility when planning strategies. For example, they can prepare the summer or Easter campaign with little notice and still achieve excellent results.

Do you want to see for yourself how our maps can boost engagement with your target audience? Request a demo with us, and we will give you all the details.

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