Revolutionizing travel: How interactive maps by Boldest empower sustainable tourism and local communities

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Boldest and Singular Places

Interactive maps are quickly becoming an essential tool in the tourism sector, not only for their ability to guide travelers through unknown destinations but also for their potential as a tourism marketing instrument.

In this context, the team at Singular Places has adopted an innovative strategy by utilizing the maps provided by Boldest. Their goal is not only to promote tourism but to do so in a way that benefits local communities and promotes environmental sustainability.

In a recent interview, Lars von der Wettern, a prominent member of the Singular Places team, shared the genesis behind this revolutionary idea:

“At Singular Places, we’ve always been committed to the positive impact of tourism on local communities. It was essential for us to develop a tool that not only highlighted the most popular tourist destinations but also gave visibility to the true local hosts, those small entrepreneurs who are the heart of each destination’s authenticity,” explained Lars.

The importance of this initiative lies in its ability to transform the way travelers interact with the destinations they visit. Boldest’s interactive maps were designed with ease of use in mind for both travelers and local entrepreneurs. They allow tourists to efficiently plan their trips, highlighting not only the most well-known tourist attractions but also those unique places offering authentic and sustainable experiences.

Moreover, these maps are a valuable tool for small local entrepreneurs to promote themselves at minimal cost and workload.

“We’re taking the travel experience to a whole new level. Now, in the planning phase and once at the destination, travelers can discover the best places recommended by locals, support truly local entrepreneurs, learn about the culture authentically, and ensure their tourism spending contributes to local economic growth”.

This approach not only enriches the traveler’s experience but also ensures that the economic benefits of tourism are distributed more equitably within the host community.

The vision of Singular Places and its innovative use of Boldest’s interactive maps underscore a growing trend towards more responsible and sustainable tourism. By focusing on supporting local economies and offering authentic experiences to travelers, this initiative is setting a model for the future of the tourism sector.

Furthermore, it highlights the importance of technology and creativity in overcoming the current challenges of tourism, demonstrating that it is possible to travel in a conscious and respectful manner towards the planet and its inhabitants.

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