Boldest stands out at the London World Travel Market for its ability to transform destination marketing

| By Boldest

WTM 2023

At the recent World Travel Market (WTM) in London, we showcased our interactive map solution, a milestone for Boldest and for the tourism industry as a whole. This tool, designed for tourism destinations and tour operators, has received overwhelming enthusiasm and positive feedback.

The event provided us with an opportunity to strengthen ties with our customers, who have used our technology to transform the way their destinations are seen and experienced by travelers. Seeing the confident use of our solutions in the market is the most authentic validation of the value we bring to the tourism industry.

The support and positive feedback received at the WTM London have been a powerful reminder of our mission and the impact of our innovations. Our interactive map solution is a key example of how technology can enrich and transform the tourist experience, offering an intuitive and detailed platform for destination exploration.

The experience at the WTM London has reaffirmed our dedication to leading change in the tourism industry, through solutions that not only meet current needs but also anticipate future challenges.

With solid confirmation of our direction and strategy, we are ready to move forward, explore new opportunities, and continue empowering our clients with tools that elevate their tourism offerings. This event has been a defining moment for Boldest, demonstrating our capacity to influence and improve the way the world sees and experiences tourism.

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