Boldest at the eTourism Summit: Analyzing key trends alongside North America’s leading destinations

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Boldest eTourism Summit

We return from the eTourism Summit in Las Vegas recharged and overflowing with satisfaction from the experience and the reception Boldest received there.

This event is a benchmark for the leading tourist destinations and providers in North America. In addition to being an invaluable point of contact for them, it provided an excellent platform to discuss the latest trends and challenges in the sector.

After attentively attending all the presentations and panel discussions held over three days at The Venetian hotel’s convention hall, we can conclude that the most notable themes were:

  • The importance of short-form video (SFV) content.
  • User-generated content (UGC).
  • Attribution and management of First-party Data.
  • The use and leveraging of solutions to measure the return on investment (ROI) of tourism marketing campaigns and to adapt these to consumer behaviors.

Boldest’s vision for the future of tourism: key insights from Europe

For our part, our colleagues Simón and Xose had the opportunity to provide attendees and participants with our perspective on the main European trends shaping the future of tourism.

For this, our CEO highlighted in his presentation aspects such as the increasing demand from consumers for authentic and personalized experiences as opposed to mere product purchasing. This mindset shift emphasizes a preference for knowledge and direct experiences.

Among the key points addressed were:

  • Current users have little time to plan their trips, so it is necessary for destinations to facilitate this as much as possible by offering experiences that meet their expectations.
  • The importance of offering personalized services that directly respond to the specific needs and interests of each traveler.
  • Connection with nature and healthy lifestyles through an increasing focus on sustainable tourism.
  • Multi-day, flexible, and fully bookable itineraries that allow tourists a seamless and tailored travel experience.

These trends served as an introduction for various use cases and to highlight the advantages of our technology for destinations to align with them.

Boldest at eTourism Summit

We leave Las Vegas with the feeling that our participation in the eTourism Summit not only reaffirmed our commitment to the forefront of the tourism sector but also highlighted our role in adapting and innovating in response to emerging trends.

With a clear focus on using data to optimize strategies and outcomes, Boldest is prepared to face the challenges of the future of tourism, offering its clients solutions that not only attract but also retain travelers in such a competitive landscape.

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